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Help Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Did you know that we offer three options to help protect you against unauthorized use of your funds?

1. VISA Purchase Alerts
Go to and click on Check Eligibility.  Follow the prompts to enter your card and cardholder information. You can register your VISA Rewards credit card and/or your VISA check card. Once registered, you can receive real-time alerts via email or text message. Alerts are available for:

  • Individual transaction thresholds
  • International transactions
  • Transactions where the card is not present

2. Automated Fraud Alerts
Log into Online Banking, click on the Fraud Alerts tab and enter your contact and card information. You can register your VISA Rewards credit card and/or your VISA check card. If suspicious activity is detected on your credit or debit card(s), you will receive a text message or automated phone call to verify the activity.

Add the text message short code 72488 to your cell phone as a new contact so you will recognize any future Fraud Alerts text messages as valid.

The phone number the Automated Fraud Alert team calls from is 888.918.7313. They may call your home, work and/or cell phone numbers (depending on the phone number(s) we have on your card profile). They will verify the transaction with you.

InFirst Federal Credit Union will NEVER contact you and ask for your 16-digit credit or debit card number, PIN and/or 3-digit security code.

3. Account eAlerts
Log into Online Banking and click the Services tab.  Alerts can be set up via the Manage eAlerts option to add or modify alerts. Some options include:

  • Deposit and withdrawal transaction alerts
  • Balance alerts
  • Debit authorizations

These alerts are easy to set up, edit or stop at any time and most importantly, they help you take control of your finances.