Home Equity Loan

Ideal for large expense, such as a major home improvement, or you want to consolidate your debt.

  • Funds disbursed all at one time
  • Fixed monthly payment amounts

Home Equity Line of Credit

Ideal for recurring expenses, such as home renovation or education-related costs.

  • Funds can be used as needed
  • Variable monthly payment amounts

Home Equity Comparison Chart
Home Equity Application Checklist

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NOTE: We offer up to 95% combined loan-to-value for Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit.

Fees: All closing costs and fees associated with a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit are the responsibility of the member; however, these fees can be financed with the loan.

Method used for determining the amount that you can borrow:

Value of home $100,000.00
x .80
Equity $80,000.00
Present Mortgage
Equity Loan Value $40,000.00

Payments will be amortized on the basis of one year for every $2,000.00 borrowed, not to exceed 15 years. Loan payments will remain constant until an additional advance is made.

Interest may be deductible, check with your tax advisor.